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FE LNR - Eyeliner Pen

eyeliner pen

An eyeliner that lives up to its facts and gets the job done! This long-wear Eyeliner pen is a true black matte, highly pigmented, flex tip, water-resistant formula that is fast drying and glides easily to create any eyeliner look you desire. Drying as quickly as applied, our Fe liner is the perfect eyeliner pen to add to your kit that won't disappoint you.

From glam to an all-day outing, You'll be surprised and won't even know it's there. 

You'll love:

1. it lasts up to 12 hours 

2. Water Proof and fast drying 

3. Flexible tip with the perfect glide 

4. Longwear smudge-proof 

5. It just glides!

How to use: Shake well. For a more dramatic look, increase pressure by pressing on the tip. 



eyeliner pen