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Aeva Beauty offers a wide range of products that are inclusive to all hues, regardless of their unique undertones. Alongside our products being of luxury quality, affordable and 100% cruelty-free and vegan options.


Founded back in 2017, due to the lack of representation in the beauty industry, Aeva Beauty was created by Francisca Francois a Haitian-American Cosmetologist & Beauty Enthusiast. While being in the beauty industry professionally, she served multiple clients and saw the lack of representation in product ranges for herself, especially having a deeper complexion, black women and people of color.

She knew the beauty industry still had a gap when it came to inclusiveness for all and product ranges to suit all hues. She wanted to be a part of that change and fill that gap. 

She experimented and created her first product, a highlighter. For the longest, a highlighter was a product she loved, but could never find her perfect match. After creating her perfect match highlighter, she extended the shade ranges to suit all complexions, and launched Aeva Beauty; An inclusive black-owned brand on a mission to create diversity, one beauty product at a time.