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Aurora-Spring Highlighter Collection

Inspired by the Aurora Borealis and its shifts in lighting, we created a Spring collection of highlighter shades that have an iridescence shift and reflect differently on all skin complexions. This collection contains editorial shades for any creations. (Mars, Eutopia, Nebula, Venus, Orion).

A silky-soft, featherweight powder highlighter that melts into the skin, builds effortlessly, and blends seamlessly, giving off the best inner and outer glow that you can see a mile away!

With ultra fine texture and concentrated light defusing shimmery pigments, this unique luster of metallic formula provides a soft-focus blurring effect while recreating the most flattering light.


- Perfect for the face, eyes, and body shimmer

- Available in 5 iridescent shades.

- Suitable for both dry and wet applications

- High-quality pigmented formulas

- A little goes a long way

- Travel-friendly