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Champagne Glow Toppers

Inspired by our best-seller “Champagne Mami” glow topper, this collection of toppers effortlessly sweeps on the skin and melts upon application for a dewy, luminous effect that stays smooth no matter where you wear it.

The unique, versatile formula can be applied to intense shimmer to eyeshadows and works well on bare lids, leaving you standout day and striking you nighttime.

Champagne Glow Toppers also reflect light and instantly highlight lips and body. It creates an intense metallic effect or can be gently blended on top for a softer, more subtle sheen.

Champagne Glow Toppers have three highly pigmented tints: Champagne Sky (a rich Sky blue glistening pigment), Champagne Lavish (a lavish green pigment), and Champagne Rose (a rose glistening shimmer pigment)


- Available in three different shades that flatter with all complexions- Green, Sky Blue, and Rose

- High-quality pigmented gloss luster formula for a buildable metallic effect and high sheer finish with all-day lasting power

- Suitable for dry or wet applications on eyes, lips, and body art

- Cruelty-free & Vegan


Using a brush, apply Champagne Glow Topper on eyelids, lips, and body to get your diva glow and blur imperfections on in just one glorious sweep.